Seven UCRISE Researchers to attend European Congress on Sports Science

Held at the beginning of July, the ECSS is the largest sport conference in Europe with around 3000 delegates in attendance.

Researchers representing UCRISE include Professor Kevin Thompson, Professor David Pyne, Dr Naroa Etxebarria, Dr Ben Rattray, Kellie Toohey, Kristy Martin and Avish Sharma (PhD candidate).

“A big international conference is always a great opportunity for professional development, scientific presentations, networking opportunities, trade exhibits and social interaction,” said Professor Pyne.

“The UCRISE group will showcase the research activities of the University of Canberra in sport and exercise.

“We will also take the opportunity to meet with various existing research collaborators from other countries.”

The annual conference is held in a different European city each year and a wide range of disciplines are represented including sports medicine, physiology, psychology, biomechanics, nutrition, performance analysis and sports technology.

In recent years, UCRISE has been represented by a group of staff and research students which is developing the reputation of UC in Europe with regard to sport and exercise related studies,

UCRISE Director, Professor Kevin Thompson will be chairing a group symposium at the event which he has described as “world-class.”

The symposium titled “High Performance Sport Exercise: Balancing “Keep it Simple Scientist” with “the Chase for Marginal Gains?” includes a researcher who worked on the Nike 2 hour marathon project and the team doctor for the German national football team.

The congress starts on July 5 and runs until July 8, 2017.

Featured image of Essen, Germany. Courtesy of Wiki05


UCRISE Presentations at the ECSS

A novel bitter solution can increase short-term power output in a 3 km cycling time-trial: N Etxebarria1 M Ross2,3 B Clark1 L Burke2,3

1 University of Canberra Research Institute of Sport and Exercise, Australia.

 2 Australian Institute of Sport, Australia.

3 Mary MacKillop Institute for Health Research, Australian Catholic University, Australia.


Comparability of common fitness testing protocols in open water swimmers: D Pyne1,2  A Wallett1,2  R McKeon3 G Shaw2

1University of Canberra, Australia

2Australian Institute of Sport, Australia

3Swimming Australia, Australia


Effect of acute modafinil ingestion on cognitive and physical performance following mental exertion: B Rattray1 K Martin1 A Hewitt1 G Cooper1 W McDonald 1

1University of Canberra


Effect of intensified training on pacing in 4000 m cycling time-trials Authors:  KG Thompson1 A Wallett 1,2 A Woods 1,2N Versey2

1University of Canberra, Australia

2Australian Institute of Sport, Australia


Occupational cognitive load predicts maintenance of endurance performance with mental fatigue: K Martin1  R Keegan1  KG Thompson1  B Rattray1

1University of Canberra, Australia


Performance changes following live high train high at 1600 or 1800 m in national level runners:  AP Sharma1,2 PU Saunders1,2 LA Garvican-Lewis1 B Clark2 M Welvaert1,2 CJ Gore1,2 KG Thompson2

1Australian Institute of Sport, Australia

2 University of Canberra, Australia

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