Getting to the heart of cardiovascular sports research at UCRISE

It began in April this year, when UCRISE ran world-class cardiac and vascular imaging workshops that attracted international delegates. Across two days, participants were given intensive hands-on instruction in how to use ultrasound applications for sport and exercise research. This was delivered by experts from Liverpool John Moores University (UK) and the University of Western Australia.

Fast forward to now and meetings have been held with renowned cardiologist Dr André La Gerche, head of Sports Cardiology at the prestigious Baker IDI Institute, in relation to developing a cardiovascular sports research capability at the University of Canberra. Dr La Gerche will be bringing his expertise to this project, along with other key researchers: Professor Keith George and Dr David Oxborough from Liverpool John Moores University, Professor Matthew Wilson from Aspetar Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Hospital (Qatar) and Dr Greg Lovell from the Australian Institute of Sport.

To further develop this area within UCRISE, a PhD candidature is currently being offered for the investigation of The effects of exercise on cardiac structure and function. This project will be split across Canberra and the UK.

Coordinating the establishment of this new capability at the University of Canberra is Associate Professor in Exercise Physiology, Dr Stuart Semple.

Stuart“There are few well established areas in Australia that are  specifically focussing on exercise and sports cardiology,” says Dr Semple, “and working closely with our partners, it’s our mission to establish a centre of excellence in this discipline.”

“We will also look beyond sport at issues that can benefit society in general, such as using echocardiography to investigate how patients with chronic disease respond to exercise interventions.”

For further information, contact Dr Stuart Semple at: or phone +61 2 6201 2855.

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